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Post your questions and get your answers here. In the following post I will go through and explain the data I have collected and what it means to me. I used the Vflexgrid Query Designer to collect data. Using the Vflexgrid Query Designer you can create ad-hoc queries that allow you to look at data on a cell, row or column basis, to filter the data, and to return only specific data. I ran the following query using Vflexgrid Query Designer and will describe the data that was returned from it. SELECT ROW_ID,CYCLE_DATE,SUB_CYCLE_DATE,NAME,USER,TIME_ZONE,LOCATION_ID,LOCATION_NAME,DAYS_NUM,TASKS,LABELS,DESCRIPTION,ACTUAL_DATE,REASON_FOR_TASK,ASSIGN_TO,START_TIME,SUBMIT_DATE,CLOSED_DATE,CLOSED_TIME,NOTES,STATUS,CLOSED,SUB_NUM,SUBMIT_USER,SUBMIT_DATE_STAMP,END_TIME,END_DATE_STAMP,END_DATE,TASK_TYPE,SUB_TASK_TYPE,CLASSIFICATION,TASK_CLASSIFICATION,TASK_CLASSIFICATION_VALUE,PLAN_ID,TASK_PLAN_ID,TASK_PLAN_NAME,TYPE,COMPLETION_TYPE,FILLER1,FILLER2,FILLER3,FILLER4,FILLER5,FILLER6,FILLER7,FILLER8,FILLER9,FILLER10,FILLER11,FILLER12,FILLER13,FILLER14,FILLER15,FILLER16,FILLER17,FILLER18,FILLER19,FILLER20,FILLER21,FILLER22,FILLER23,FILLER24,FILLER25,FILLER26,FILLER27,FILLER28,FILLER29,FILLER30,FILLER31,FILLER32,FILLER33,FILLER34,FILLER35,FILLER36,FILLER37




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Vsflexgrid 7.0 Free Download rainben

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